The area around the lodging

The area around the lodging gives the visitor the ability to visit the town's historical sightseeings, enjoy moments of relaxation as well as come across with the modern way of living.

The Ioannina Castle contains the historical city-centre, which invites you to wander around, among legends and traditions, through its narrow and picturesque alleys.

You can visit the folklore and the Byzantine museum, the Turkish mosques of Aslan and Fetihe and travel through time.

You can choose silver jewelry and decorative material in the popular art shops.

Little corners like the small port for the fishing boats, the open space theatre, the modern aesthetics and art statues are to be explored. Our younger friends can spend happy moments in the children amusement park, which contains original games.

In the area, there are a lot of facilitated places for all ages, where you can enjoy your coffee or have a pleasurable lunch.

You can relax by gazing the lake, the small island and the mountains, or walk under the multiage sycamores’ shadow on the lake’s coast. You can alternatively enjoy the same destination through the specially formed bicycle path.

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